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At any time of the year, Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley, offer a lot of options to do for everyone.
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Community Parks

Community parks and playgrounds are used primarily by children and parents for walking, jogging, relaxation and informal play.

Dog Parks

The City of Kelowna offers 85 parks, or 76% (702 ha) of the city's total green space, where dogs are permitted either on or off leash. In parks that permit dogs on leash, we request that dogs be kept on the sidewalk or trails. Dogs must be in the control of their owners at all times, and owners are expected to clean up after their pets immediately. There are nine parks in Kelowna where dogs are allowed off-leash.

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Mountain Bike Parks

The City of Kelowna is committed working with the local youth and the biking community to create mountain bike parks within the city.

Through the Mountain Bike Strategy, several areas have been identified as potential sites for mountain bike skill parks. The City's first mountain bike skills park islocated along Hollywood Road South.

Activities within skills parks range from simple ladder bridges, skinnies, small berms and whoop-de-doos to more elaborate bike parks with a wide range of structures and trails, mostly suitable for downhill or freeride riding styles.

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Natural Parks

Natural areas and open spaces include ravines, lands adjacent to creeks, wetlands, significant natural landscapes, hillsides not suitable for development and significant ecological features. These lands are generally maintained in their natural state but may include parkland development, which reflect environmental sensitivity.

In 1996, City Council endorsed a policy to protect natural areas and open spaces through public ownership in the order of 5% of the total land area of the City within 20 years. In 1996 the City owned 2.3% or 493 ha. By 2009, the total had risen to 900 ha.

In addition to preserve natural landscapes or open space, it is not necessary that lands be held in a public trust.

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Looking for a different place to go for a walk? Try one of the following linear parks or pathways which offer year-round recreational opportunities for people of all ages and abilities. Many of Kelowna’s natural areas, including Knox and Dilworth Mountains, also offer unlimited walking opportunities.

Abbott Recreation Corridor
A great place to rollerblade, cycle or walk, the Abbott Street recreation corridor extends from Glenmore Avenue to City Park downtown.

Black Mountain Recreation Corridor
The pathway begins at Highway 33 and extends along Black Mountain Drive.

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Recreation Parks

Recreation parks include sports fields and recreational facilties designed to serve a population of 45,000 people within five kilometers.

Kelowna's recreation parks include:

  • Mission Recreation Park
  • Parkinson Recreation Park
  • Glenmore Recreation Park (proposed)
  • Recreation Avenue Park
  • Rutland Recreation Park

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Park Programs


A boulevard is the strip of land between your property boundary and the street. It may include a developed area with or without a sidewalk, or an undeveloped road shoulder next to your property.

The land is owned by the City of Kelowna, but property owners are responsible for keeping their street frontage tidy, safe and within guidelines laid out in Bylaw No.10425 . Unkempt or nonconforming boulevards may be tended, with the cost of work applied to the landowners’ property tax bill.

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Communities in Bloom

The City of Kelowna is a proud participant in Communities in Bloom, a national program designed to enhance the environment and beautification of Canadian municipalities.

Annual participation is overseen by the Communities in Bloom Committee.

Kelowna first competed in 1996, finishing second in the country.

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Park Projects

We're working towards making Kelowna a better place for everyone! Take a look at a few of our exciting planning and capital projects currently underway.